This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

No screaming pumpkins here, but we had a pretty full day for Halloween this year!  The morning was filled with me working, getting Gerg’s costume together since he decided to tell me he needed one at about 11am in the morning. **stabby eyes**  Gory was starting to feel a bit under the weather int he morning, so we sort of took it easy, and really only trick or  treated for about 20 minutes, since it was SO cold outside!  We went around Greg’s parent’s neighborhood, then came back here so I could work some more, while Monkey handed out candy and we watched Halloween H2O (WORST Halloween movie ever, but whatever…)  Then Gerg’s mom and dad came to watch the boys, so we could run to Gerg’s show with Chainwax at Mad Maggie’s in Elgin.  Fun times!  I even got “dressed up” which was not really a costume, as was pointed out when I got there that it actually is an outfit that I wear pretty frequently!  But HEY!  I had glitter on with my makeup, so THERE!  Glitter makes an instant costume, right?

On with the pictures!

Spooky Pun’kin head Monkey and Skeleton Gory!
Gory’s full costume
Mom and Dad.
Tutu by MTCoffinz, Hoodie by Angrygirl Gear, Makeup by Glittersniffer, Glitter from MTCoffinz, Necklace by Headless Tess.

Full body shot!  wh00t!
The show was fun, as well.  The band has a full length album out now, and some band merch and stuff on the website!  And the best part?  The whole band dressed up!  The drummer was a person that had been frozen to death complete with ice crystals covering his face, the singer was mauled and mutilated, Gerg was a zombie…….and Chris the guitarist?  Well a PENGUIN of course!  How rock and roll!!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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