The Amazing Gory Pantalones Diaper Wipe Recipe!

So, as many of you Twitter mommies know from this past week, Gory had a little “problem”.  Actually, it was a “little…turned into BIG problem”.  It started with a bit of a diaper rash on his behind.  Now, Gory always is a little chafed in the area of his rear, just cause, or so I thought.  He used to have MAJOR diaper rash when he was a newborn, but we thought it had cleared up with the use of baby oil and cotton balls, and no baby wipes.  Then we went back to baby wipes, and thought everything was fine.  Until last week.

Oh…last week.  I began noticing that his behind was a lot more red then it usually was.  Then it was getting more red, so I put on some rash ointment, and slapped on a fleece barrier in his cloth diaper.  No bueno, it was not working.  SO I went to my cloth diaper mamas on Twitter to ask for advice, and they said to do what I was doing.  Well, that next day, what do you know?  It was worse.  Now, it was ALL red, and BLISTERS were forming!  Like full-on LIQUID filled blisters!  The largest of them being in a place where NO member of the male species would EVER want a blister!  SO I ran back to Twitter, and started talking to Kim of Rockin’ Green about it.  She thought maybe the diapers needed a stripping, and I was doing that as I talked.  I put him in a prefold to sleep, and I changed him 3X that night.  It was still there that next morning, so immediatly I thought it was maybe a new diaper I had purchased that had suede cloth in it.

So come Saturday night, on a whim, I decided to make some cloth wipes. Just on a whim, nothing special, just serged some flannel I had laying around.  And now, 2 days later………

No diaper rash.  I mean, this kid is SPOTLESS.  No more red, no more blisters.  Holy WOW!  I was wiping him with something that was HURTING him!

Never again.  SO I am sharing with all of you the wipe solution that I used.

The Gory Pants Diaper Wipe Recipe

3C warm water
1TBSP Flying Bird Botanicals Baby Bird Baby wash
1TBSP olive oil
2tspVitamin E oil (you can bust up 2 capsules if you want, too)
2tsp Tea Tree Oil
3 drops essential oil (I used some of my EO left over from Velvet Moon Bathery)

You just mix it all together in bowl, fold all your wipes into a tupperware comtainer, then pour the solution over them!  VIOLA!,  They smell so good, are great for Gory’s bum, and I think they are easier to use on poop them the old “normal” wipes!


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Gory Pantalones Diaper Wipe Recipe!

  1. SO glad he is doing better! Your recipe is similar to what I use… kind of "stuff laying around the house" things. LOL I think C is sensitive to bamboo though, which is what my wipes are. I should try the sherpa/flannel ones again. :PAnyhoo, congrats on the healed man-bits!!

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