Eco Ayris Review: The BEST in "green" teethers.

Lots of moms that I network with know of Gory’s teething woes.  He had is bad, the poor little bugger.  4 of his upper teeth all coming in all at the same time.  So I was looking for ways to help soothe the poor little Mr. Gory Pants.  He has a Baltic Amber teething necklace, we tried all the homeopathic teething tablets, and store bought teething rings.  Well, the necklace seems to help a bit (plus, he looks DAMN cute in it…kinda like a baby surfer bum!), those homeopathic tablets are a load of crap, and the store bought toys…..well, they are made of plastic, so not say if they are BPA free, and they are gross, and break.

So, where do I go when I am lost?  Etsy, of course!  Sometimes, the best made products are made with a person’s own two damn hands.  And this is the case of Eco Ayris.  I first saw one of their teethers when Amber from Rocker Bye Baby posted one of their brass knuckle teethers on Facebook.  Now, if you know me, I LOVE a brass knuckles ANYTHING.  So I hopped on over to their Etsy shop, and fell in love.  Seriously, from play blocks, to cribs, from teethers and rattles, to kiddo step stools, this shop has it all!  When I was first pregnant with Gory, I searched HIGH and LOW for anyone that made organic, handmade wood cribs and highchairs.  I could not find a single shop that did so, so I got a sears crib made in crap-o China, and a Graco wooden high chair, where the wood is rough, and seems to absorb all liquids.

I wish I had fallen in love with Eco Ayris sooner, because my baby rearing would have been done in part with Eco Ayris accessories.  I think the thing that was the end-all-be-all with my love affair was the story in their profile on Etsy:

Once upon a time a girl met a boy… then they became friends and watched as the other figured out which way to go. One day the boy saw the girl with a baby girl of her own… and loved them both so much he couldn’t let them go. She said yes, and on Friday the 13th they drove off into the sunset to grow their family. Years later the economy exploded, and they considered the future, their hopes and dreams, and they began to build their future… one crib at a time.

For Ayris, Wesley and Aizlin… and for our neices and nephews and cousins and friends and people we’ve never met… a safe, comfortable, fun and creative space for babies to grow up in, on, under and inside out.

So I finally decided that the Mr. Happy Skull Teether was going to be Gory’s teether.  And honestly, I could not be happier.  He arrived very quickly, and I even got a convo from the shop when he was shipped that he was on his journey to my doorstep!  When he arrived, Gory grabbed him, and loved him immediately!  He is soft and smooth, with no sharp points, or rough surfaces.  All of the edges are so rounded, there is no reason I did not feel safe letting this toy become Gory’s favorite.  I really think the best part of this teether, and it’s design, is the fact that as I just sat down to write this review, Greg yelled in to me from the other room.  He said, and I quote, “The design of this teether is one of the best ideas ever.  The way the eyes are placed are perfect for him to grab, and have a good grip, and the horns give him a really awesome teething surface.  This shop really has a genius design here!”  Now….Greg never says anything about my purchases, so this means a lot.  Truth be told, there is not a day that goes by that “our skull friend” as we now call him, is not used.
There is no varnish on the teether, and at first this worried me, because Gory is a faucet when it comes to teething.  The kid does NOT STOP!  He is a drool monster, and I was worried that he would drool so much, it would swell and soak into the wood.  It is made of hard maple wood, with no treatment, except loving craftsmanship, and let me tell you, I think this may quickly become an heirloom toy in our family.

I would reccomend this shop to any parents out there, as well as anyone that is looking for wonderful gifts for people with children.  We will be getting Gory a set of their Bad To The Bone blocks for Christmas, and I know that all of my purchases from Eco Arys will be loved by the children in this family for generations to come!  Thank you Eco Ayris for being one of my most loved Etsy shops!

3 thoughts on “Eco Ayris Review: The BEST in "green" teethers.

  1. Love these… ive been talking to them about going a giveaway @ my blog. As well as they donated to the Gwen Stefani basket with us!! They sent a teether and a rattle. Great right!? Im so glad you approve. I feel in love before I had even seen it in person adn i KNEW they were a fit for Gwen, so glad the pass the Brookie inspection as well.

  2. As usual… you managed to give me a great place to look at when getting goodies for both RD and the girls! Thank you Brooke!

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