A moment in time. My life has been reduced to this?!?!?!

So after the “scare” of not knowing where the HELL Evan was all day (his father “forgot” to tell me that he switched his phone number, so I was in a panic all day not able to contact them….it is questioning common sense, but I digress…) Evan OF COURSE came back in a crap-tastic mood, and as soon as he hit the door, I immediately made him strip, throw all hic clothes in the washing machine, and jump into the shower, to get that “freshly rolled out of a dung and cigarette ash tray pile” smell off him and his clothes.  Well, when he got out, he sat down to read for his homework, at which point this conversation ensued:

E: “My butt itches.  Like real bad.  I can’t stop scratching it”
M: “that sounds like a personal problem”
E: “Well, how do I get it to stop itching?”
M: “Shower more then once a week, and that will solve your problems, kiddo”
E: “WHY?!?!!?  Everything that is wrong with me, you think it is going to be solved by taking a shower!  I DON’T WANNA TAKE A SHOWER!”
M: “I am not telling you to take a shower every day, just like, every other day”
E: “Every other day?!?!  WHY!??! How come I have to take a shower that often, and Greg doesn’t!??!”
**eyeball daggers in Greg’s direction, cause Evan is DAMN right**
M: Well, I guess you are right, no showers for anyone anymore!  Then, instead of you being the stinky kid in school, we can just be known as the stinky FAMILY!  Maybe we will make the news!”
E: “Maybe we can go on line, and e-mail them, and have them come out in about a month to smell up, and do an interview!”

Yep.  My life has been reduced to this.  Arguing with my son about personal hygeine.  Like, really, is it SO HARD to clean yourself?  Why is this difficult for boys?  I think if I had the answer to this question, I would get the Noble Peace Prize….I mean, Obama got it for doing a hell of a lot less!!!


6 thoughts on “A moment in time. My life has been reduced to this?!?!?!

  1. It's kinda like cooking. Sure you could cook a full meal every day, like 3+ times a day, and be full and nourished. You could also live off hot dogs and potato chips and never have to cook again. Point being, no matter what you choose for this meal, the choice wil have to be made again relativly soon.Showers (and hygene in general) is not something that ever gets done, so in the mind of a adolecent, it is pointless. If there was a point, or a goal, maybe it would happen more often. Does anyone make a bar soap that acts like a jawbreaker? You know, different colors for the different layers, with a prize or something in the middle? More showers= "prize" sooner……

  2. See? That's what I am talking about! I think it has come down to that, or installing a video game system in the shower…..

  3. Gaurav showers blasting metal music in the shower, and he does shower almost everyday… so on that front I'm awfully lucky!For your guys… I'd recommend installing the videogame system…

  4. hahaha And then there is me… My kids FREAK every time i shower because THEY wanna shower too! I took a shower alone today… this probably only happens 3 or 4 times a month….

  5. My boys are all shower/bath freaks too they LOVE it & im begging for a break from it 😛 I shower either b4 they get up or after they go to sleep if not I have some partners in with me

  6. There are times when I am thankful that I have girls. Girls that ask every night if she needs a bath (the younger one doesn't ask for it… she's not much older than Gory ya know!). If there is stink, it's probably me because I didn't fit a shower in yet. LOL

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