"Brookenomics"! Yep, This Has My Husband SCARED!

After dinner tonight, I announced to Greg that my blog post of the day would be titled “Brookenomics”.  His jaw dropped, and he scolded “Hunny, you should not try to inspire others to throw their money away on dumb crap like you do.  That is not fair.”  He then shook his head, and sauntered into the living room to play zombie video fames.

So here I am.  Giving him the big middle finger, writing about “Brookenomics”. Asshole, trying to tell me what to do.


So, I was pondering pretty much all day this whole new idea that I may or may not be a little “granola”.  Or a “barefooted hippie” like Greg calls me all the time.  I am a PROUD punk rock mama, and really, I just LIKE to do things a little left f normal.  I cloth diaper, I make my own baby food, I nursed for 6 months, until Gory decided that my nipple was so good, he wanted to take a bite out of it.  Which he did.  Not pretty.  It was almost a trip to the ER for stitches, but I digress……..

Really, in all reality, the MAJOR underlying issue with the reason that I do things the way that I do is because of MONEY!  Yes.  Money.  Money is in tight supply around these here parts, and seeing as I am the “kookie artist type” and I choose to make a “living” (if you could call it that) off sewing stuff, and people buying it, and Greg goes to work 5 days a week, and is pretty much blamed for everything going wrong in his company, and in between screaming sessions, he carries really heavy steel pipe, and fabricates it into other pipe-type stuff or something.  So to show my support, and to try to have this way of life remain the norm until I finish college, and can get back into the “real world” I cut corners.  Not REALLY…..but to the nekkid eye, it sure as hell looks like it!

Case in point.  Cloth diapers. Using disposible diapers cost roughly between 60-85$ a month.  A MONTH!  I have so far spent a little over 200$ on cloth diapers, and I wll NEVER have to buy a disposable diaper EVER again!  Ever!  Even if I have ANOTHER BABY!  I have all the diapers I need! (well, until I see a cute print or somethig that I like, but I digress…..) We have been cloth diapering for almost 2 months, and I am already saving money!  Greg loves that I did it, and even though he still will not dump a poop into the toilet, bless him, he has even started talking to his “boy friends” about it!

Now, we move onto baby food.  That crap is EXPENSIVE!  Holy wow, a jar of that garbage is about 1.60 a piece!  And to make it WORSE, what in the HELL is in that crap!!!!  Have you ever gone to the grocery store, and LOOKS at the ingredients in that garbage?  I am sorry, but if I want to feed Gory carrots, I want him to have carrots.  Not flour, starches, additives, milk products, and preservatives with some strained carrots mixed in for color!  I want him to EAT DAMN CARROTS!  So you know what I do?  I grab a bag of organic baby carrots for 2$ a pop, boil it on the stove, drain them, toss them in the blender, scoop them into freezer treys, freeze them, and feed them to him thawed.  For 2$ I can get over 15 1 oz servings!  Amazing!  Who knew!!!! *you can read about the shit crap that is in commercial baby food here.  Be warned, it is not for the weak of stomach**

I walk to Target when I can to save on gas, cause it is close, and when I am here home with Gory, I make sure to turn off all the lights, and open the shades, and LET THE SUN SHINE IN!!!!  When I cook dinners, I always make a bigger meal then is needed when it is possible, and freeze the rest, and then we have another dinner for the next week or so!  Doubling a recipe is MUCH more cost effective then making the whole meal all over again! When I gorcery shop, I go to a locak international market for meats and veggies, and the local grocery for all the canned and box stuff.  All I need is someone to tell me how to coupon, and I will be ON A ROLL!!!

So it is really simple, and actually, fun to do!  Finding ways to be a little granola makes me feel good about saving a little green.  And it makes me a little green in the long run, too!  Which is OK with me, green is a gcool color to be!

**Greg is now standing behind me reminding me about all the money I have THROWN away.  I am being reminded of a 90$ purchase of a baby form made of cellophane, and the giant felt ball that I plan on buying for Gory for Christmas.  Well, a girl has NEEDS! What can I say?!?!**


7 thoughts on “"Brookenomics"! Yep, This Has My Husband SCARED!

  1. When Micah and I were extremely poor and living in our apt, this is pretty much how we were able to eat. I shopped exclusively at the local Farmer's Market and got two week's worth of food for $20! It was healthier too because it was all grown locally and organically.Being granola is awesome! I say this as I wear my handmade Kill the Normies dress that I NEED to survive! LOL

  2. Tell Greg you get to buy all that cool shit because you've saved so much on diapers & baby food! 🙂 Check out http://www.supercouponing.com and http://www.jillcataldo.com for couponing. I went to a class in February (which was FREE) and it's TOTALLY worth it! I've save so much! However, it won't work at your local market as well. It's more of a Jewel/Walgreens thing. However, even if you don't do the whole super couponing thing, check out http://www.coupontom.com. You can type in what you need to buy and see if there's a coupon anywhere for it! Save all the coupon inserts in a binder or accordian file and VOILA! Instant access. I love finding a good deal!!

  3. I love you, Brooke. Your blog always brings a smile to my face. I'm sure I have said that before… but it does! I need to remember tips like this for when I have behbehs.

  4. LOL YAY for us granola moms but I take it a step further I dont make baby food we go straight to table food 😀 yay less work for me hehe really R HATED baby food he HATED the texture so he had boobie milk until around 10 months when the fangs popped in then shortly after when the bottom teeth came in he started eating food from my plate…

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