Inspired by mommies, but TOTALLY my opinion!

Now, we all know that I am a mommy.  I have 2 wonderfully beautiful kiddos.  Both of which are really only half-brothers.  I was (in another life) married (at age 19) and had Evan when I was 20.  By the time I had him, I was well on my way to divorce, and my marriage to his daddy was less then a year.  Makes me a stronger person, taught me lessons the hard way, whatever.

When I met my husband now, we both knew that we wanted to have kids.  He was a wonderful father figure to Evan, and had no other children himself, had never been married, ect, ect.  So actually on our honeymoon, we ditched the birth control, and started “trying”.  Well, as far as we can tell, Gory was actually conceived IN Jamaica on the honeymoon, he literally was born exactly 9 months to the DAY that we landed on the sunny island!

The point I am trying to make, is that there is really never a GOOD time to have a baby.  I hear a lot of people say “I will wait until my husband has a better job” or “I want to wait until I am done with my partying days” or whatever the case may be.  In all reality, there is never a “perfect time” to plan having kids.  My situation is a good one.  I got divorced when Evan was 10 months old, and I literally lived in my car for a while with an INFANT!  I was getting food from a local shelter, and we MADE IT!  Evan is now a very well balanced child!  There are people that raise children in one bedroom apartments!  I come from a large Irish Catholic family, and my one aunt has 9 kids!  I once asked her how she did it, and she said she worked hard, loved her kids, and sometimes, dinner was a huge pot of Kraft mac and cheese plopped in the center of the dinner table, and a free for all ensued to grab something before it was gone!

Where there is a will, there is a way.  Parents in general, gain an enormous sense of responsibility as soon as that baby is placed in their arms, and really, every inch of your body is fight or flight for your child.  You would sell your soul to feed your child. It is uncanny, and real.

We are not sure if we want to get pregnant again.  In all reality, we will most likely adopt to have more kiddos.  I feel that there are children in this world that all they want is a mommy and a daddy, and it is selfish to even think that the only way I can have one in my life is to create one!  AND go through ANOTHER horrible pregnancy like I did with Gory!  HELL NO!  No thank you!  Plus, being an adopted child myself, I find the whole premise of adoption very selfless, and beautiful.

So to all you mommies out there, keep your heads up!  Remember, when things look bad, there is always a mommy that has it worse!  And to those that feel empty without a child of your own, do not give up hope!  Things will happen, they always do, for a reason!


3 thoughts on “Inspired by mommies, but TOTALLY my opinion!

  1. Wow, you are such a strong mama! Big hugs!I agree that there is no perfect time to have children. When I found out I was pregnant, I was about to divorce my husband. We gave it one more go, and except for the normal up and downs, We are doing okay 🙂

  2. Ditto on perfect timing – we were always "We're going to be debt free, own a house, blah blah." Yeah, that worked… still have debt and I rent a house. Hmmm.No matter when it happens, you GET ready. Instinct and all that. LOLKudos, mama.

  3. That's a great post, Brookers!And the idea of adopting is amazing, G and myself have talked about this before, and though none of us is adopted, we will be adopting for sure.

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