What a Rockin’ Day!

This day was shaping up to be a day at the bottom of life’s crapper.  Gory was up at 2am with teething pains.  Wonderful.  I have no clean laundry, because of the snafu with the a$$hats over at Sears earlier this week.  I have orders to go out, and I have work piling up.  So really, the outlook was bleak. BLEAK I tell you!

I drove Evan to school,, fought to stay awake on the drive home, with Gory screaming in my ear-hole because despite burping him for over 30 minutes, he produced nothing, but that was not fooling me, cause if I jiggled him, I could HEAR an air bubble the size of Saint Louis! I got home, tweeted, checked e-mails, and played with scream-o baby.  He tried to nap, but no-go, cause HEY! He is teething.

My mom got here at about 12:30, though, cause after the whole cluster-frell with Sears, she just decided to grab a washer and dryer for us from Best Buy, and have it delivered today (NOT November 27th, SEARS!).  It was going to be here between 1 and 3, so I would need her to pick up Evan if I was there with the delivery guys.  WELL, lo and behold, here they came at 12:45!!  EARLY! They were super duper nice, and wouldn’t you know, Gory LOVED watching them install the stuff, and smiled and giggled the WHOLE time! So they packed up, went on their way, Gory screamed like his best friend was moving to Japan, and we went to go pick up Evan.  Who got a 97% on his Religion test today thankyouverymuch! 😀

When I got back home, scream-o in tow, I checked my Twitter again, and found out that a bunch of my packages had arrived to their destination! SCORE!  This always makes me happy that something that I make makes OTHER people happy!  And THEN!!!!!!!!

My good friend Jessie over at Moma Lovebug BLOGGED about her diaper bag from Brooke Van Gory!  How rad-tastic!  Not only do I love this mama, but I love her blog, too!  And, she answered a question that I had been pondering for a while now. I mean, I know all of MY crap fits into my diaper bags, but what about OTHER people’s stuff!?!?  Well, BINGO!  It does!  Point in case, even cloth diapering mamas can stuff their fluff into my bags!

I just got the banshee to bed, and it is 10pm.  This day could have been crap, but you know what?  I have clean clothes, and happy customers.  What else could I ask for?  I mean really?

Well, I COULD use one of these……..

I am just sayin’….


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