I Swear, This Is The Last One

I don’t know if I can say it enough.  Evan hearts Gory.  Like, really, we thought the “novelty” of having a brother after 9 years of being an only child would wear off.  It hasn’t.  At all.  Actually, I think Evan loves Gory more and more every day.  Tonight was a perfect example.  I needed to make an emergency run to Target for a “red shirt for red shirt day tomorrow” and Gory was…..scream-o.  I told Evan that I would buy him something at Target for desert, like a smoothie at Starbucks, or something.  He said no, he wanted to go to Dairy Queen.  I protested, saying that I could not go to Dairy Queen, it was far away, and Gory was cranky.  Evan then told me to never mind, that he did not want anything.  I asked why, and he said he only wanted to go there, because Gory can eat a lick of his Dairy Queen, and he cannot eat anything from Starbucks.

My eyes got all teary.

It is like this ALL the time.  We do not do “special Evan time” it is “special Evan time doing what Evan wants to do ONLY if it is Gory-safe, and Gory can go with” time.

I feel so blessed. I have the 2 best sons on the planet.


5 thoughts on “I Swear, This Is The Last One

  1. Oh my god, you're making me tear up. You have the most amazing kid. I'm so proud of how mature, loving, and selfless he has been. I can only hope to have a kid like that.

  2. This picture made my eyes tear up. I want to have a baby so badly. I keep hoping and praying every day to get pregnant, but unfortunately I'm still on the patch. Kyle wants me to try and wait until he is in grad school, but that will be 3 YEARS from now, and I can't wait until I'm 29 to get pregnant. I really can't. I love seeing pictures of Evan and Gory together. They are amazing and beautiful. Your blogs make me smile. 🙂

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