The Joys of Being a Punk Rock Mommy

I do my best thinking and brainstorming in the shower.  Always have, always will, I guess.  The other afternoon, I was showering, and using my shampoo, and soap off Etsy.  I had just finished making a metric crap-ton of pants for the Etsy shop out of old tee shirts, and gotten my teether from EcoAyris in the mail.  All of the sudden, panic set in.

Is it true?  Am I becoming GRANOLA!?!?  Am I forever bound to the hippie radical ideals?  In 2 years, am I gonna be dancing like a flower child in a field of daisies in a corduroy skirt with dreadlocks in my hair!?!?!?!


So, I dried off, skipped the Dress Green lotion (Big middle finger, DIY! You can’t hippie-fy me!!) and went to DIYScene to talk to my girls (and man, sorry TaBu…).  I wrote about my pants, and of course, Bianca LOVED the idea, as did Lynn, and the other girls.  Then Liane chimed in that she remembers re-constructing stuff in high school that she found in the thrift store.  That is when it hit me.  SO DID I!!!!

So the more I thought about it, the more I realized that really, a LOT of the DIY movement is based in punk rock ideals.  I mean come on, punk rockers make ALL their own clothes!  And they don’t shower!  They just wear patchouli to cover the stink of stale bar cigarettes, and sweat from the mosh pit!  And DUH!  We don’t wash or hair, cause if we did, it would be a hell of a lot harder to put in the elmers glue into liberty spikes!

So, really, me sewing is just one step up from being a gutter punk that safety pins hand-made band back patches on their flight jacket.  I pretty much buy all DIY.  This Christmas will be all DIY.  Why?  Cause I am unique, I don’t want what Joe-bloe has down the street.  I want cool, hip, rocking stuff for me and my family!  And I want everyone in my family to Feel good too!  So I use handmade lotions, soaps, ect, because I CARE about what goes into my body, and I want my family to be healthy!  Ain’t no hippie crap there, it is just good old-fashioned mommy-sense!

So watch out world!  This punk rock mommy is covered with tattoos, but eats organic granola for breakfast!  I can hold my own in a Koffin Katz mosh pit, and I have fallen asleep drunk with my face behind a toilet at The Fireside Bowl, but I will be DAMNED if I do not wipe doen a shopping cart with Clorox wipes before plopping Gory in.  I really am hardcore, under these steel toe boots and tattoos, but under it all, I am a mommy, tried and true!


6 thoughts on “The Joys of Being a Punk Rock Mommy

  1. I love it!! Much better articulated than me… LOL I get the stinkeye from family and the ever popular, "You have GIRLS… You need more frilly lacey pink gingham." To them, I give the big, fat middle finger.Guh.

  2. bwahahahahaha ditto that mama! Although I uh cant sew worth crap ;)& I only have 1 tattoo & my nose piercing is scarred over as is my tongue ring hole… lady at the grocery store thought I was nuts when I threw a fit that the store was out of clorox wipes luckily I have some in my bag ;)sigh yup im a mommy too!

  3. no shit I jsut had the same conversation with someone about a week ago…. i hit the SAME point… in the midst of washing my skull and crossbone covered cloth diapers and Rockin Green soap… I felt like a poser, hahaha

  4. Awesome. I'm that Mom who insanely wipes down the shopping cart disinfecting wipes too, and then throws the skull & crossbones cart cover on before the babe goes in. We eat organic as much as possible, we cloth diaper, yadda yadda, but this tattooed mom can still stomp with the rest. The lil' tot has the same binkies. 🙂

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