RG Natural Babies Diaper Shop. A Review you DON’T want to miss!

I usually don’t do reviews of other COMPANIES.  Etsy shops where the stuff is handmade, maybe.  And other DIY divas and rock stars, for sure.  But never just a business.  Until now.  I have to let all of you know about the wonderful experience I just had with RG Natural Babies.  They are amazing.

Being a business owner, and also having worked in retail for many years, I know that customer service is very hard to come by.  I have always prided myself in being the one person that will go WAY out of my way to helop another person, whether it be a customer, or another co-worker.  People just don’t DO that anymore.  When I make a sale in my Etsy shop, I LOVE it when customers ask me questions!  Other business owners will become a little annoyed, and become short and irritated with the person.  Not me, because you know what?  When I am the customer, I want the person onthe other end to be polite, and help me whant I need help!  What goes around comes around, right?


Well, this was the situation with RG Natural Babies.  I had found them on Twitter, and loved that they carried a pocket diaper that was MUCH more inexpensive then the Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz that I have been using, so I decided to give it a go.  Can’t hurt, right?  Well, I got the diaper in the mail in RECORD time (well, they ARE in Wisconsin……) and proceeded to wash and slap that sucker right on Gory’s butt.  Well, as it happens, we had some slight problems with the diaper.  I am not naming the diaper, because to be quite frank, I think the diaper was just a freak thing, and there was something with THAT particular diaper that was wonkey, and it is not the situation with the whole entire brand.

Now, being the seamstress that I am, I was TOTALLY confused as to what had happened with this diaper.  This problem was baffling both me AND Greg!  So I went ahead, and instead of writing off the diaper as a dud, and calling it a day, I contacted Michelle at RG Natural Babies.  And SHE RESPONDED!!!  Like, she actually WROTE AN E-MAIL!  It was so awesome!  We worked through the whole ordeal, and her customer service was AMAZING!  She is wonderfully sweet, helpful, VERY knowledgeable, and even recommended another diaper to use as a substitute for the “weird” diaper!  I just got the Tiny Tush in the mail and she was totally spot on, we LOVE this diaper!

Now, I need to talk about this Tiny Tush, which actually has a feature that I love more then my Bum Genius, and ALMOST as much as the Fuzzi Bunz.  The Bum Genius has a flap in the back, to sort of “envelope” the insert into the diaper.  Perfect….in theory.  This flap restricts the insert from coming in contact with Gory’s tusie, but the big PROBLEM with it is that when he poops, and it is an “exploder” as we call it over here, the poop explodes, and hits the under side of the flap, and seeps down into the insert pocket!  Well, not with the Tiny Tush!  Their flap is REVERSED!  So when Gory lets it all out, it will stay where it SHOULD be!  In his diaper!  It is a trim diaper, with a fleece lining, and the inserts work amazingly well!  Newton’s Law had it, and we slapped that sucker right on, and within MINUTES, Gory pooped a nice, big, solid food poop.  Not a problem with this diaper!

After all was said and done, I really think I am going to stick with RG Natural Babies for my Cloth Diapers for the most part!  Michelle proved to me that really good, honest customer service is still alive!  Thank you Michelle! Keep up the good work!


2 thoughts on “RG Natural Babies Diaper Shop. A Review you DON’T want to miss!

  1. Michelle is TOTALLY awesome! I have had great experiences with her also… I really need to get on the bus and blog about it :))) Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's always so refreshing to hear that an experience that could have been not so good turned out to be amazing cause of the great customer service!!

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