Not-so-wordless Wednesday

I can’t help it.  It would be SO easy for me to not yap here about these past few days.  To just post a picture, and walk until tomorrow when the giveaway is done, and I announce a winner.  But I can’t.  Cause I am the ONLY one up in the house, and I have been working straight for 3 hours without stopping.  I am getting seamstress hunch-back.

Anyways, on to the past few days. As many of you already know, dear Gory is teething.  Last night erupted into outright blood-curdling SCREAMING and I grabbed him, and took him to CVS for some baby orajel because after about 1 hour I could not take it anymore.  When the pharmacist took a look at him, he actually walked over to the minute clinic, to ask the advice of the (doctor?) there.  The guy was so nice, and he actually got Gory to SMILE, and took a quick peek, and WOW!  He has a haematoma on his gums, as a result of having 4 teeth erupting ALL AT ONCE.  I thought it was 3, but apparently it is all of the top ones all in one shot.  Poor guy.

So today.  Today I took a nap.  Yep.  That was a total of about 5 hours of sleep in a span of 72 hours for me, and I finally just crashed.  **BOOM**  I have about 7 more orders to finish, and they hopefully will be done by the end of this weekend.  2 of them are actually for fellow mommy bloggers, and will result in REALLY rad giveaways, so stay tuned!

I also listed some pants in the Etsy shop, including the up-cycled tee shirt baby pants!  So run over, heart them, and maybe grab a pair!  They would be a perfect gift for a new green mommy or daddy!

So, on with the picture.  Gory has been a bit of a bad boy lately, with all of the screaming.  And mommy is stressed with lots of orders, and the screaming, and the loss of sleep.  Ect…ect…ect…

But Gory tries.  He is trying to help.  He is trying REAL hard.  Good boy, Gory Pants.  Now only if I could teach him to sew a straight line, and sew in a zipper………


2 thoughts on “Not-so-wordless Wednesday

  1. Awwwww, my goodness, he looks SOOOO cute eating the measuring tape!!!And poor Gory, 4 AT A TIME!! He surely is growing fast and at spurs!!

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