Can It Be True? A New Brooke Van Gory Line? SO SOON?!?!?!

I have been feeling the pressure.  Not from anyone in particular….OK, I lie.  I have been feeling the pressure from MYSELF.  Sometimes (I know this will be hard to believe) sewing handbags and purses can wear on me.  Do not get me wrong, I love my designs, and I love being able to make custom handbags and purses, and all that jazz, but creatively, I think EVERYONE needs a break every once in a while, right?


So, last night, I decided to start making some pants for Gory.  And if I am making some for Gory, I of course need to make some for the Rocker Bye Baby boys, Izzaq and Zavery, right?  For sure!  And I also wanted to make some cute ones for my friend’s little guy, my buddy “Big D”.  So I got right to it.  And guess what?!?!?

I loved it.

More then I should have.

DO I miss making clothes?  I mean, making clothing was the reason I started this wole Etsy, DIY thing in the first place!  I wanted to rock people out one person at a time, well, why not rock out babies at the same time! Do after about 20 paird for all of my boys, I went a bit crazy.  Crazy, as in, about 40 pairs now that are completely finished, 20 more cut out, and about 15 raglan sleeve tops cut out. 

Am I crazy?  Am I ready for this?  Can it really be a match made in heaven?  Brooke Van Gory KIDS?!?!?!?!?!

I took some pics of 2 pairs that I had Gory in today, what do you all think?

Be honest, I can take it………

Te first pair is flannel, but I have some in fleece (for longies for my CD friends) and the last pair is actually upcycled from an old tee shirt!  It has a tricycle on it with “chicks dig my ride” under it! LOL! I have some made from band tees, and Hard Rock tees, and stuff!  I thought it was TOO FUN!
I think I might finish up some more tonight, then list some in the shop, and see how they do….

8 thoughts on “Can It Be True? A New Brooke Van Gory Line? SO SOON?!?!?!

  1. I think D may have a bigger bootie than Gory has (we say he has "generous bootie" 'round here) so the black ones are too small. Too bad cuz I love the rainbow effect. The length is perfect though, just too tight round the hips and butt. He is wearing the gray ones today though, I made him fit in them.

  2. Those are AMAZING Brookers!! I love them all!! And I do love the ones that are in the shop too!I think the pants are a great idea!!

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