The NASA L-CROSS Live Broadcast!

My mom gave me the heads up on this one, and really, I think this is important for anyone with kids (or really, for everyone in general) to take a few minutes, wake up a tad earlier tomorrow morning, and see history in the making!  L-CROSS is an acronym for Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite.  I think ABC explains the whole mission better then my dumb butt can, so here is what they say:

“Friday is the day NASA‘s LCROSS mission (short for Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) sends a spent booster rocket crashing into a crater near the lunar south pole, looking to see if there is ice mixed in the soil of the crater’s floor. Scientists think there may be billions of gallons of it, but so far they haven’t been able to prove it.
So the LCROSS booster will go plowing into the moon’s surface at 5,600 miles per hour. It is expected to make a crater about 60 feet across — and send 350 tons of rock and soil flying in all directions, creating a plume several miles high. If there is ice mixed in, a small satellite, flying on the same path less than 400 miles behind the rocket, should be able to detect it before it crashes too, about four minutes later.
“We can directly measure water ice, and then we can fly right through the plume,” said LCROSS project manager Daniel Andrews.” ( Taken from )

How AMAZING IS THIS!?!?!?  Not only are they crashing the rocket INTO the moon, but they will be streaming LIVE on the internet!  I know most of our parents remember where they were when Apollo landed on the moon, will your kids remember watching the rocket CRASH into the moon?

The whole thing will be video taped from the Hubble Telescope, and most available telescopes here on home sweet home, Earth.  It will be streamed here, and this is the link to NASA’s L-CROSS website!  I want to know who watched, and your reactions!


2 thoughts on “The NASA L-CROSS Live Broadcast!

  1. Kinda ballsy to crash stuff into the moon! I hope the moon critters don't get peeved and attack Earth. I think we get the NASA channel on satellite, so we should watch!

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