**CLOSED** Giveaway and NEW wet bags! Plus, a discount on diaper bags and handbags!!

**wipes off brow**  These have been a hard few days, work wise!  Lots of stuff going on here, plus Gory is cutting his side incisors (yes, I will take pictures, Evan was the same way, apparently I have vampire babies, no middle incisors, just the side ones!). So in the midst of all of the work and fussiness over here, I came up with the BEST idea for an accessory to my diaper bag line!

Wet bags! And not ONLY wet bags, but wet bags that actually clip on the OUTSIDE of your diaper bag AND look cute!  No more dirty diapers taking up your precious space inside the bag, just toss that dirty cloth diaper in, clip it on, and go!

Amber of Rocker Bye Baby will be stocking them soon in her shop to coordinate with the Crossbones Couture line, as well! So there are more fabric choices over there, as well!

I am so dang excited about this, that I decided to make this the first of many giveaways and special deals for my blog followers! The giveaway will be for one FREE wet bag in the fabric of your choice!

Here is how it works.  Each time you comment, you will get one entry.  The first entry needs to be the mandatory entry, and all the rest are just extra entries!  So the more entries you have, the better your chance of winning is!

Entries will be counted for the following:

MANDATORY: Go to the shop, and tell me what fabric choice you would pick for your wet bag! Leave a comment with what fabric you would want, and your e-mail address in name at whatever dot com format.

Extra entries (leave a comment for each one):

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Tweet about this giveaway (can be tweeted 2X a day, just leave a link to the tweet)

Enter to win a CUSTOM wet bag from @brookevangory a stellar design clips ON your diaper bag! http://bit.ly/3jkXpN #CD #clothdiapers

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Now, for those of you that are saying “What the HECK is a wet bag, I don’t need that stuff, I have no babies, ect…” I am offering a discount on all of the other bags and handbags in the shop! 10% off to be exact!  Just purchase the bag, and mention in the note to sellers that you are a follower of this blog, and I will send you a revised invoice!  Easy as that!

The giveaway will end on October 15th, at 9pm CST.  Winner will be picked using a random number generator.  The discount is good through the end of October!


103 thoughts on “**CLOSED** Giveaway and NEW wet bags! Plus, a discount on diaper bags and handbags!!

  1. i am totally in love with the owl print. SO CUTE. your bags are totally awesome, I wish I had known about you 10 months ago!!!! (better late then never, eh?:))brookiellendesigns at gmail dot com

  2. Well my diaper bag is brown with blue circles…don't see that print or anything too close so I would probably go with a solid brown.bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  3. I love love love this diaper bag and wet bag! I MUST WIN! 🙂 I love the red daisy print! (I so do NOT need another diaper bag, but i must have! :))Anneduckduckgoose8 at gmail dot com

  4. Hmmm…can't decide between #9 and #16. Think I'd go with #16 to match my diaper bag. I did tweet you about this and I am putting it on my Christmas list for my hubby (I just spent my budget this month to start cloth diapering my son). Love your designs!theinquisitivemom@gmail.com

  5. I like the #14 print. We could use a new wet bag and I LOVE that it has a zipper and can hook outside my diaper bag! I am the Queen of overpacking the diaper bag. I hate having to leave room for it inside. Plus as an added bonus, my mom, aka my daycare, can't forget it when she picks up my son!saywah_j at yahoo dot com

  6. I follow your blog.I read your Rockin' Green (love it too!) review on my phone and LMAO, but kept forgetting to find it again. So glad I finally remembered!saywah_j at yahoo dot com

  7. So while #13 is pretty and pretty close to my diaper bag, I think I'd still go with the owls. Too cute, and I am digging browns lately.

  8. Saw the bag Kim got and LOVE it! So cool! I would pick the black zebra print. Hooo yeah. 🙂 lynn at jarrodandlynn dot com

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