Where I went….no I am not in hiding…..

So, two whole days without a post.  Where did I go?

Well, I decided after Gory was born, that we want to wait a big, and decide in a few years if we want more kiddos, so I discussed with the OBGYN our options.  Since I have chronic hypertension related to estrogen in birth control pills, the only other option is to not have sex for a few years, or get an IUD, since the ring and the pill will make me have a stroke (literally) and I am a allregic to condoms.

So…I went in on Friday.  She explained everything, yadda yadda.  Then she started.  Well, APPARENTLY I have a uterus that is VERY hig up there.  Whatever.  The next thing I know, she is telling me that she has to use some sort of forceps to “pull the uterus down to insert the Mirena” Um……WHAT?!?!?!?!!?  Yeah.  SO, then it was done, and she THEN explains to me that she needs to CAUTERIZE the abrasions she has now put ON MY UTERUS by pulling it down.  HI!!! I have not had any pain meds YIKES!!!!!!

So, needless to say, I am not a happy camper right now, and am very uncomfortable.  Friday night I spent in the fetal position, as well as most of Saturday.

Tomorrow I SWEAR I will be back to blogging.  I have some GOOD stuff to talk about! 😉

Until then, I leave you with this:



7 thoughts on “Where I went….no I am not in hiding…..

  1. I love that video!I'm sorry you have to go through shit like that, Brooke. That's horrible! I hope the IUD doesn't cause you any pain. *hugs*

  2. It comforts me to know I'm not the only one who is incompatible with pretty much any form of birth control.My stupid doctor even suggested that I 'risk' staying on the pill as there really wasn't any other option.. fuck me. I'd rather have triplets than a stroke.Feel better soon Brooke, Beer helps.. maybe

  3. Oh, the Mirena. Yeah. Love it now but I swear I bled like a stuck pig forever and a day. PULL and UTERUS should not be in the same sentence.

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  5. **years late comment is years late**

    This should be required reading before getting the thing, as should your post on it being the IUD brought to you by Lucifer himself..

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