From one real woman…to the world.

I was actually planning on writing a blog post about the importance of dancing, inspired by Ellen and her dancing (Gory and I dance with her at 3pm each and every day), but after I saw her show today, and the news afterward, about the Glamour models, I felt I needed to post.

As a background, this all started with the September issue of Glamour, where in a TINY picture, a woman sat, lesg crossed, in her panties.  Their office was FLOODED with e-mails, letters, phone calls over what has come to be known as “The Woman on Page 194”. Here is the picture:

Amazing.  Right?  Just simply and utterly amazing.  Here is this tiny picture, published in a VERY well known, widly distributed magazine featuring couture, models, and anything glamorous, and here, this woman, looking so natural, is making so many waves.  Why?
She is real.
She is not airbrushed, her thighs and tummy are normal.  Hell, that could be ME in that picture, for christsakes! I was floored when this image flashed across the screen of my television.  Then, they had the editor of Glamour come on, and talk with the “Woman on Page 194” whose name is Lizzi Miller, is 20 years old, and a size 12/14 to talk about the push that the magazine will be doing from now on to cover ALL aspects of glamorous living, NOT just catering to the size 0 crowd.
THANK GOD! Someone is LISTENING! Now, I understand that there may be some woman out there that are a size 0 naturally, but I have never met one.  But for shit’s sake, let’s just say they are out there.  This is NOT normal for every woman!  Seeing Lizzie in that picture made me instantly feel more confident with my body, more so then when I was at my most healthy (my wedding 2 years ago), more so when I was younger, and an athlete, hell, this woman just became my miracle!
Ellen even went on to say that most fashion designers in Hollywood WILL NOT make a dress or item of clothing over a size 2 or 4, and that if you are not within that weight range, you CANNOT wear their creations on the red carpet! HOLY CRAP! Some of these actresses and celebrities are way over 5’8″ tall, for them to be a size 2 would be SO bad!  And did you know that in the fashion world, ANY size over a size 6 is considered to be plus size?!?!?!?!  The OUTRAGE! 
And what about the single woman out there, trying in vain to get a date?  Most men see actresses, models, and celebrities, and they expect EVERY woman to look like that!  Then, the clothes come off, and the disappointment is not only his, but also hers!  What a blog to the female psyche!
So thank you Glamour, for finally letting REAL woman have the spotlight!  You can read here about the upcoming issue, and the photo shoot that was done of real woman!  How inspiring, and empowering!  Thank you for the uplifting self-esteem, thank you for the boost of confidence, thank you, thank you, thank you.

2 thoughts on “From one real woman…to the world.

  1. Finally!! It truly is about time that everyone (magazines, shows, movies, tv) STOP pushing women to the arms of eating disorders just because you are supposed to be what THEY think is ideal. WHY?? Why can't we accept all sizes as beautiful? There are real women out there that are a size 0 and they also deserve to be able to have clothes, but what about the rest of the sizes? As long as you are healthy, why really should it matter the size?Thank you Glamour for the start on making it easier for women to look at themselves!

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