My "Alter-Ego"

Yep, it is true.  I have an alter-ego.  In blog form.  I also am one of the Two Girls and A Bar of Soap.  My friend Pili from Spain being the other (and superior, IMHO) half of the fantastic duo!  We both are pretty obsessed with handmade natural makeup, bath and body products, household soaps, ect.  We had so many people asking us about what we suggested, and recommended, that we decided to start blogging about it to shot from the rooftops how much we LOVE bath and beauty product made by awesome shops like Spa Therapy Works, Pink Quartz Minerals, Glittersniffer, and Worthy Soy.

I will be purchasing my holiday gifts soon, and most of them will be reviewed on this blog, so follow today, so you do not miss out!


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