The joys of babbling.

So, instead of sewing, and packing orders like I SHOULD be doing….I am writing about why I am so worn out from yesterday.

Gory started babbling.

It started on Wednesday, when while sitting on the driveway watching Evan skateboard in the street, he let out a BLOODCURDLING scream, and Greg came running out of the house full speed, thinking Gory had gotten run over, hurt, or maimed.  Nope!  He was testing out his lungs?  And Greg’s reaction to his new found scream gave him the ammunition to keep doing it over, and over, and over again.  Cause the way that mom and dad react is REALLY funny in his 7 month old world, apparently.

Well, in the midst of all of this screaming, he has also started babbling.  We are starting with “dadada”.  So we get a “dadada” SCREAM “dadada” laugh, and look to see if someone is paying attention.  Wonderful, Gory.  Big round of applause for you buddy!

But this brings me to the underlying reason for this post.  When Evan was little, he was diagnosed with verbal apraxia, a slight form of autism (that we now thing may have been a pre-cursor to his Asperser’s Syndrome) so from about the age of 1, until he was in 3rd grade (last year) he had steady speech therapy with a speech and language pathologist.  And for about 2 years, his MAIN form of communication was sign language.  These speech therapists taught me SO much about the gift of speech, and how to encourage speech through tactive, visual, and auditory cues.

So since Gory was about 2 months old, I started using these cues in playtime with him.  When I would hold a ball, for example, I would say “BALL!  ba-ba-ba-ba-ball!” then hand him the ball, and cheer for him! We do this back and forth for a while until he got tired of it (me doing all the talking, of course).  Then, when we are talking, and laying down, or reading a book, and I wanted him to “feel” how I was saying a word, I put him hand on my mouth.  Good sounds to do this with are da, ba, ma, and ca.  He thinks it is fun, and it does not SEEM to him like learning, so giggles likely will ensue!

I am hoping this will help some other moms, because really, my worry in the beginning was with Gory, like Evan, I would realize there was a speech delay too late in the game, and I would not be able to start therapy in enough time.  It is a fun way to stimulate your shild, while learning at the same time!


2 thoughts on “The joys of babbling.

  1. That's such a helpful post Brooke!I'm glad Gory is already babbling! My younger nephew didn't start properly talking till he was 3, but holy heck, he hasn't stopped since!!

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