The Way I Rock My Laundry- ROCKIN’ GREEN SOAP!

So, as some of you may know, I recently (in the past 2 months) re-started using cloth diapers or Gory.  THis was a difficult decision, because as MANY of you may remember, the first attempt at me MAKING the damned things end 12 hours into the ordeal with Gory ‘s butt bleeding, and all of us frantic at 2am on a Wednesday night.  So now, he is sporting Fuzzi Bunz, and Bum Genius 3.0, and he could not be happier!

Now, the question came up (posed by Greg, of course, my poop-a-phobic) how in the WORLD do we wash these suckers?  I mean really, between him and my brother, one night over a few beers, they had both decided that everyone’s laundry would forever be covered in urine residue, and little clumps of feces.  Gross, right?

Well, enter Kim, the beautiful inventor and owner of Rockin’ Green Soap! Amber of Rocker Bye Baby was looking for some cloth diaper companies to carry in her shop, and I had heard of Rockin’ Green from the CD Twitter mommies, so I shot Amber a message, and then decided, well, shouldn’t I have some of the stuff, since I have never tried it, and here I am PROMOTING it! LOL! ( side note: those of you that know me, you KNOW I loved this stuff before I even bought it because there is a skull in their logo.  Shameless, I know..)

So I grabbed 2 sample packs (both in Buttercream, I admit….but after using Serenity Soap and Shower’s Buttercream on Gory, and wanting to nom him like a cupcake, I could not resist) and dug in.  Now, most cloth diaper parents know, that you need to occasionally “strip” your diapers, so they do not stink like carrion in the sun.  Well, Rockin’ Green is AWESOME for that, just a 30 minute soak in hot water and 3 scoops, and your diapers smell PERFECT!

And YES!  I strip my diapers in the kitchen sink! Judge not, I CLEAN THE THING after I am done.  With bleach.  So you all can still come over for dinner and all that crap!  GEEZ!

Well, then I decided to put the stuff to the test.  Now, for those of you that have boys, you will feel me here.  Boys are notorious for smells.  They seem to leak all sorts of noxious fumes, most of which are unrecognizable, and for the most part, have you wrinkling your nose, and running for the air freshener.  Evan is no exception to this rule.  And to top it off, Greg works with lead pipe covered in oil all day long.  My house, on it’s BEST day, smells like a high school locker room.  I can’t help it, I have boys.

So I thought, well, what the hell, it cleans the stink out of diapers, it MUST be able to at least wash my boy’s boxers! So, I tried it, I did a load of Evan’s laundry as normal, but I used Rockin’ Green soap instead of my normal Arm and Hammer.  When it was done, I gave a preliminary sniff, and even wet, there was NO SMELL!  So then I thought, what the hell, might as well go all the way, right?!?!?  So I shoved that WHOLE load into the dryer, and dried on high….no softener sheet.

It was PERFECT!  Perfectly PERFECT! So I quickly ran and did all of the laundry in the house, and then I threw away my softener sheets FOR GOOD! This product is amazing!

Rockin’ Green comes in a load of really rad scents, in Hard Rock formula, and a Soft Rock for sensitive skin. And rumor has it, there are some more scents on their way! You can even use it in hard water! Brilliant!

So now that my crazy laundry blitz has come to an end, and I am fresh out of Rockin’ Green (the next bag is on it’s way!  MANGO! YIPEE!) I am urging all of you to grab your own sample pack!  The best thing?  It is only 2$ for a sample, and 1$ for shipping!  Drop in the (laundry) bucket, right!


4 thoughts on “The Way I Rock My Laundry- ROCKIN’ GREEN SOAP!

  1. I ❤ Rockin Green's scents. I love it on my CDs but haven't tried it yet on my other clothes. Hmm. Maybe time to give it a try.

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