Trip to the park AKA why Evan is the best brother EVER!

Now that Gory can sit up by himself, we take him to the park down the street to swing, and go on the slide with Evan.  Evan is VERY insistent that he help Gory with EVERYTHING at the park, and today, apparently, this included riding his skateboard to the park! LOL!

And here is the kicker.  EVER since Gory was born, we were waiting for the ball to drop, for Evan to get jealous, and to act out.  Well, it happened 2 weeks ago, with a HUGE blow up.  Evan told us the reason he was bottling it in for so long, is because he loves Baby G so much, he did not want to be mad at him!  Then he cried, and thought he had HURT GORY’S FEELINGS! What a trooper, this baby has been a big adjustment for him, he has been an only child for over 9 years! After the blow up, we told Evan that we will spend a few hours every weekend he is with us dong “Evan, Mom,and Greg time”.  So this past weekend we planned to take him mini golfing, just the 3 of us.  There was a problem, though.  Evan REFUSED to leave without Gory! LOL! He did not want him to miss out on all the fun!  What an awesome big brother!  We are so blessed, and Gory is SUCH a lucky little boy to have him!

5 thoughts on “Trip to the park AKA why Evan is the best brother EVER!

  1. Wow. What an amazing kid. I nearly teared up reading that! You have the most beautiful boys, Brooke. I am so glad that Gory and Evan have each other. I can already tell that Evan is going to grow up to be a stand-up guy.

  2. Awww, Evan is such an amazing kid!! Being jealous of the attention the baby gets it's quite usual for elder siblings, but reacting the way Evan did… that's not so common, and shows that he's a great kiddo! They're gonna be a great pair of brothers!!

  3. OMG…what a sweet guy. I teared up reading that. Made me just wanna hug him. He's a really good kid and you're very blessed, Brooke.

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