Chicken and rice baby food recipe

I just need to post about this tonight, it has been eating away at me. I make my own baby food.  Yep.  I am “one of those moms”  Really, it is so simple, less money, yardda yadda.  Really, the REAL reason I do it is cause it is SO DAMN FUN!  I whip out the Magic Bullet, and have at it with veggies, fruits, and meats!  It is really quite relaxing to puree the living snot out of something, really.  It becomes almost zen like!  The fact is  I do it in HUGE batches, and have enough frozen baby food cubes to feel a 3rd world country for a year! (never mind the stockpile of breast milk in there…)

So, I have a newer recipe, cause up until now, I have literally been taking steamed veggies, or raw fruit, and shoving it into the Bullet, and mashing the crap out of it, adding in formula to thin it out.  But the doctor told me I could try MEAT!  Meat, you say!?!?!?  Yep, meat!  So, short of stuffing some steak cubes into Gory’s mesh feeder, and letting him gum the stuff to death, I decided to try it.  So here is the recipe.

4 large chicken breasts (organic, and none of that crap hormone and antibiotic filled garbage)
2 cups Beechnut rice cereal (they are the ONLY one I like, cause that is all it is.  Rice flour, no fillers)
water to thin

Turn the oven to 400, and let it preheat.  Lightly spray a baking pan with cooking spray, and lay the chicken breasts in there.
Shove it in the oven for 40 minutes, or until the inside is FULLY cooked.  I would tell you the internal temp, but really, with these things, even if you cook it a LITTLE too long, you are gravy, cause you are adding water to it anyways!
Cut the cooked chicken into cubes, toss into blender or processer.  Add in water (I start with about a cup).  Blend the crap out of it, making sure all the big chunks are gone.
Pour into a mixing bowl, and add the cereal.  Mix with a spoon, adding more water until desired consistancy.
Spoon mixture into ice cube treys, and freeze.  Then pop those suckers out, and put into a freezer safe zip baggie!

This freezing method I use for all of my foods, and really, it lets me save the food in exact serving sizes.  The husband likes this a lot, since he would rather give him a bottle, or watch ME feed the baby, cause “it is too messy”.

Here is a link to the website that I go to find recipes, and baby food tips!

Remember to start out slow when you introduce solids to your baby, and consult your pedicirian first before starting.  Take it slow, because a few steps TOO fast, you have a reaction, then you have to stop cold turkey, and go back to square one! 😉


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