Halloween Haunt Bags 2013

Hi everyone! I can’t believe summer is gone, and fall is almost upon us! Every September I start getting really excited about fall, and all that it brings! I love the weather, the falling leaves, the pumpkin scented EVERYTHING, and for the only time during the year, both my home AND my wardrobe are “in … Continue reading

My Handmade Black Friday.

Black Friday makes me sick this year. All of these poor retail workers having to be on the clock on THANKSGIVING evening. It is insane. People causing bodily harm to get a good deal, people waiting in long lines. Totally bonkers, and really, it scares me. I might be a little different then a lot … Continue reading

A Thankful Reflection- Meet My Family

As many of my long-time fans know, my definition of “family” is a lot different than most. Being adopted, and really only knowing two blood-related human beings to myself (my kids, cause I gave birth to them) I view family in a different light then most. Family, to me, are those that you CHOOSE to … Continue reading

The Brooke Van Gory Gratitude Sale

The announcement you all have been waiting for! This year, I am not doing a traditional “Black Friday” sale. I think it stresses everyone out, and it seems unfair for people to be spending time waiting in line or stalking websites to grab deals, when what Thanksgiving week SHOULD be about, it spending time with … Continue reading

BVG is Making a Big Move!

Hey everyone! First a little plug for the BVG newsletter. Over on the sidebar over there ——> You can sign up to have news, progress pictures, coupons, and deals e-mailed directly to you. I also update in the newsletter about upcoming sales, and all of that jazz. All of that was a “buffer” for this … Continue reading